"The whiskey you bought me, I was afraid to unscrew it, the Gypsy woman told me it was embalming fluid. You got a Black Cat Bone and a Buzzard Feather, a John the Conquer Root and they're all tied together" --CONJURED by Wynnonie Harris.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Shadow Self: To Know Thyself Is To Be Complete

The Shadow Self is something often discussed in ‘Contemporary Witchcraft’, and regarded as a taboo. It can be depicted as a 'prison' formed within our unconscious mind where we exile parts of ourselves that we subdue, deny, or neglect to develop.  These are frequently feelings of anxiety, fear, lust, insecurity, hate, envy, jealousy, desire, and greed... anything that we pretend not to possess; relegated to this deep pit (abyss) inside our minds. While these are usually determined as... negative attributes we feel should not have, they can also be positive things as well. Such as our power to be strong, sexual, sensual, independent, and assertive, qualities society teaches are sinful or immortal to possess. Everyone has a Shadow, and since we are all individuals each is uniquely our own. It is a part of ourselves we should not neglect or ignore: one cannot know themself truthfully if they do not accept all sides to their innate natures, and one cannot state they know themself if a part of themself is feared, neglected or imprisoned. Know thyself, doesnt mean acknowledge only half of ourself and shun the rest- to know thyself, is to know thyself as complete, light, shadow & darkness within.

The Pronunciation of Hekate's Name

The Shrine of Hekate Triformis
The Pronunciation of Hekate's Name

In Egyptian, Heka means "magical speech" while Hekate in Greek means "influence from afar". The latter attribution was given due to her ability to use magick upon a person from a great distance, above the earth and below the earth. Hence the references "Far Darter" and "The Distant One" were given as references to Hekate. Hekate is also spelled Hecate in Latin, and you will often see it this way in print. In Greek her name would appear as: 'Εκατη'.

There are numerous modern pronunciations of Hekate's name, all of which are identifiable (explicitly, most people will understand who you are talking about.) But returning back to the ancient Greek articulations (all which DO have variations of vocal dialect who argue over the names correct elocution and the spelling of the words themselves changes according to their placement/purpose in a sentence of that dialect)....

Greek vowels have a "characteristic” of being brief or withdrawn (long), which refers to (in Classical pronunciation) how long the vowel is held for, similar to that of a sung key or harmonic libretto mantra. Epsilon is always short; alpha can be either short or long. However much is considered musical, out of devotion and love, not just merely spoken.

In Greek words, the accent falls on one of the last three syllables; in the Greek spelling of Hekate, the accent mark falls on the central alpha ‘Ka’.So, Hekate is pronounced Heah-KAH-tae or Heh-KAH-tay not He-cah-tay (languid) . However in some 'older' spheres and circles of Hekate worship it is considered disrespectful to utter her name outside of ritual/dedication/prayer or ceremony.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I live in beauty and respect for all that is and around me. I touch the Earth with loving caress, I kiss the Stars & Moon with my own divine lips & I live the life of the Goddess, in her reverence and in her glory for she is within my essence. I respect myself for the Creatrix I am, the children I have are the children that I love. My world is beautiful because it is beauty that I have woven into 'my' creation.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Moon Charge of the Goddess

The Charge of the Goddess
Words beyond time & space

And let it be spoken, that in the night-tide hours when the resonance of the Full Moon gleams down to reveal the beauty the curves of my form, the visage of my picturesque face in the grace of this most ancient mystery- know that, you shall gather in the secrecy of my sacredness, in all your aspects, both feminine and masculine; all my children who live the ways and oath of this most Ancient and Sacred Path. You who respect the path of the Heavens, of the Moon and Stars, of the Sea, of the Earth and Nature- and all the realms and worlds that traverse throughout and within that of your physical world, may all manifest this hour, of this evening in the hours of darkness and shadow, guided by this, most luminous and arcane of mysteries.

To this gift of my vision, for all to cast their eyes upon me and marvel at the ancients who have been before, those whom have tapered into the wisdom of time, this too shall be yours, the deepest of secrets and all things unknown that shall be found through the essence of my veins, the reverence of my ways and the guidance I shall offer during these most consecrated and blessed times. Live a life free of slavery, oppression and conformity- for there is no man-made mechanics that can bind my children to the ways of the sheeple, other than by what is their will, for at times the guided path is easier than the one who calls for individuality and self-thought. As a sign of freedom, may you enjoy all the fruits of life, feast, partake of wine, know laughter and know love, make music, bask in the divinity of this enlightenment- feel and express passion, enjoy the senses of all that is around you- only then shall you know the liberation of the body, heart, mind and spirit. This is the ecstatic rites of my calling, for mine is the law of love, joy and the rapture in all things that are of Nature; all beings.

Know thyself and remain true to your highest ideals, philosophy and principles- strive towards them and allow nothing to sway you from your path and your respect of self and lifestyle. Permit nothing to prevent your idealisms from becoming that of manifested accolade, a tribute to yourself for the honour you grant to yourself. Never lower your standards, for anything less is dishonour to yourself. Know that all is within your life because you choose it to be there, that you are in perfect control of all that rests in the palm of your hand and if it does not serve you or your highest ambitions and dreams, then cast it aside with no guilt- for sacrifice is the highest tribute to the self. Mine is the door which reveals the beauty inside and that of the exterior. Mine is the chalice of essence and existence, where the waters of my wine may offer or inspire purification, blessings, protection, enlightenment, creation, elation and comfort in times of sorrow. Mine is the cauldron, the womb of darkness which bears forth all that is life and welcomes our return in the time of our physical passing- the vessel of mortality and immortality; transmutation and transformation. I am a Creatrix of Life & Bringer of Death. The Goddess of graciousness, of cruelty, beauty, love, war, peace and revenge- for these are all the faces of Nature and therefore are the many sides of the passions and temperament that comes with the changes of weather and season from tempest to blizzard, summer to winter.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magick, is any act designed to cause purposeful and intentional transformation, modification or change; a conscious evolution through directing energy towards a goal or intention. To clarify magick, is a separate process and story altogether, as it does change per person of what they consider IS magick and their personal levels of advancement in magick and mind capabilities. Magick is about focusing more subtle, non-physical/material energies, focusing and directing them to manipulate/create change. An endeavour of magick is to prepare the mind, by harnessing and making more consciously obtainable and accessible higher senses and faculties as intuition, inspiration and the creative imagination, and by drawing on the power of the unconscious – to use more than the 10% of our brain, that only most ‘typical’ people use in normal society (aka, the sheeple). Acts to improve our body and support the mind, to attune and balance, enabling us better to perceive and wield more subtle energies is: meditation, breath control, voice work, body work, visualization, drama, ritual...etc. Work/practises which remove ‘energy’ blockages; remove tension built up in the body. Blockages may prevent us from working with energy effectively are: yoga, bodywork, tai chi, dance and massage.

In regards to the spiritual growth in comparison to many other religious beliefs and customs is that magick is more ‘dynamic’, and places the prominence on ‘you’ to work for change, it rests in no other hands other than that of our own – relatively and loosely speaking, there are no gurus in magick, only those who speak out from their own magickal journey and enlightenments- what it really comes down to, when broken down... is, it all comes down to personal training, our own limitations and personal action. Yes, there are fellow students with different perspectives and experiences – but we all learn from each other, as we all do in all walks of life. Experiences.

A Glimpse Into Me

I am a woman of MANY Colours and all combined with elegance to form the universal & spiritual worker of which I am. I am not white, nor black- not light and not dark, I work with the elements which surround all of us. I am not here to listen to drama, nor back-biting but I WILL say my peice and I will challenge IF challenged. My opinions are always spoken with knowledge and with reverence for the very path I walk on. I earn my respects in this world by the work that I do, not because I believe I deserve them. Life owes me nothing, but I strive to live the best life that I can with those most closest to me. This is our precious lot in life, it is our choice to accept our lot with a smile or take it for granted. I chose to be happy, I chose to smile and I refuse to allow another to cloud my day with their troubles. As the saying goes "Beware the person who tells you all of their woes and little of their joys"

Some ask me what my religion or beliefs are, although I personally chose not to directly label myself, some have chosen to term me: Witch, Realm Walker, Strega, Healer, Spiritualist, Primal Witch & Hedge Rider. Among many others- this does not make me indecisive, nor places a purposeful label to elude in order to fool... it makes me Universal; and there is a GREAT difference betwixt being Universal and being indecisive. I do however claim the ways of the Italian Witch, with 20+ years experience in Stregheria & Witchcraft of different cultures and folklore. This is no surprise to those who know me in person, and my knowledge is demonstrated in my writings not by merely boasting. This is also my passion, and what is good for me and I feel is in my blood does not mean to know me, you must be the same.... all I ask is for likemind souls to converse and share experiences with, should we chose to share knowledge during our journey of friendship, that is an aditional blessing.

Keep in mind these are my views and have been for quite some time, it does not mean I think your ways are wrong and that mine are right; they are simply my beliefs, the lifestyle which suits me and has done so for many years. If my beliefs challenge yours to the verge you feel the need to negatively react- then perhaps I challenge the conviction and solidarity of your own faith, belief and lifestyle. If you feel my views challenge you too much, then there is no need or requirement of our connection. I would rather you remove me, than post drivel or stupid insults all through my message box. If you cannot accept my views with the respect I will show to yours, then there is no need to be, and an adieu is preferred. I speak my mind, and my words are sharper than a sword should the cause or need arise.

I hold my customs and traditions true out of respect for myself and those who have walked before me- those who have been and are now gone, my mentors or those I look up to with honour. I revere my ancestors. I walk my path always in respect for the ways I embrace and the forces which I work with.