"The whiskey you bought me, I was afraid to unscrew it, the Gypsy woman told me it was embalming fluid. You got a Black Cat Bone and a Buzzard Feather, a John the Conquer Root and they're all tied together" --CONJURED by Wynnonie Harris.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Past & Present Elucidations

Elucidations of the Tempest
In A Moment of Darkness

“It is only when you are lost, that you are truly found”

The quote above resonates ever so clearly on the frontier of thought and contemplation, like the reverberation of ebon-thunderous clouds rolling over landscapes transfixed in seizure, of what were once emerald valleys abundant with lucid contemplation gilded dreams of spiritual illumination and peaceful notions... now beset by the hooves of tempest and problematical deliberation. For quite some time I have attempted to write this post, placed it aside, tinkered with it and even criticized it with a mode of logical and illogical questioning; was I in fact being too harsh on current impediments and not observing it in a more conventional manner or not indifferent enough to the situation which has forbiddingly loomed over my head for the past few months- allegorically... resembling the visual illustration in fugue, of raven’s wings where their blackness became much like a crown, clouding better judgment. I tend to review my own writings of a more personal nature over a period of time, as to reflect upon them and take in from my own words what it truly is I require most—so excuse me if I seem to be rambling on and moving in circles as this composition of opinion, philosophy, forethought and emotion is an accumulation of past and present experience, theory and belief that has surfaced over these past couple of months. In a sense it has brought me into my own ‘becoming’ and ‘awakening’—a sense of realization that I have cheated myself of my own personal growth by not following instinctive intuitions and the writing on the wall.

Without going into too much depth, in the past, I have found myself in the company of some rather negative influences that came into my life in the glory of friendship, acceptance and even open-mindedness. With this faux company, I had discovered that no one was worthy enough; nothing was good enough, no lifestyle opulent enough, or gave enough to be warranted equal status. Other Pagans and Witches were not considered valuable or precious enough to be juxtaposed to this person’s presence... and I found myself taking on the same unconstructive and pessimistic values of materialism, selfishness and vanity so proudly and openly discussed and displayed. But worst of all judgmental and critical of appearances and lifestyles, this reflected negatively not only on me as a person but also the relationships around me. Shameful enough to be subjective and influenced by ‘conditional’ friendship, eventually all that I had strived to achieve dwindled away into distrust and emptiness, rendering naught but a nefarious residue of all that had been lost due to foul remark and lack of rational conclusion. The behaviour and demeanour of this person grew from negative to contaminated odium, filled with resentment, attention seeking, sympathetic ploys to gain favour from friends and acquaintances while trashing others lifestyles, relationships, personal appearance, hygiene and occupations behind their backs and declaring to be of the Goddess, standing in love, truth, forgiveness and sacredness. Little does this person know or realize, is that our sacredness doesn’t resume itself in the house we live in, the clothes we wear or any materialism outside of pure spirit- it rests inside of us, and everyone is entitled to their own sanctity of sacredness free of judgment and scorn without one instigating another Witch Hunt.

It wasn’t until I was to do something of a sordid nature, defaming another and cosset in couture to their grudges-- should one not live and let live or live and learn at least? The true epitome of wisdom and understanding... it seemed my refusal wasn’t received well and because of this, denigration and slur was in turn publically noted and posted for all to comment, mock and offer sympathy while other’s lives were being misconstrued and twisted for their amusements by reducing others to fetid allusion and offensive monikers. Those who responded... considered it, to be acceptable so long as it wasn’t their lives being torn apart by the incessant and incoherent rants. It was then that I sat back, and analysed past, present and future. I am no innocent, but I do not profess nor affirm to be, and have played my theatrics to the best of performances to scoff at individuals whom have come into close proximity within my past and done things I am justly and openly ashamed of. However, I did not attempt to resolve my guilt by pointing the finger at others whilst hiding behind the veil of accusation like a coward. Mine was acceptance in full of my sins, wrongs and ill-doings by taking responsibility for what came from the mouth, mind or through typing upon a keyboard to be displayed virtually like an open book. It is only by being honest with ourselves that we can expect to forgive ourselves and hence begin a healing process before others can forgive us for those errors of action and reaction. Until we can stand up and hold ourselves accountable for the actions and reactions we commit against others we can hardly expect it from those whom have been victims to our foul tongues and deeds.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Confessions, Virtual Spanks & Tangible Insights

Confessions, Virtual Spanks & Tangible Insights

From the depths of lunacy to a cinema near you...

Firstly, I do apologize for my lack of being a blogger-addict; I just haven’t had the time between projects, study and life in general. There simply isn’t enough minutes in the day, that or I seriously need life management. These past few months had just been strange, from one extreme to another, study has been crazy not to mention the writing projects I already have and more placed on the silver platter for me to consider. Time seems to be flying, sometimes upwards, sometimes sidewards in rather chaotic sporadic patterns but rarely ever downwards. Studying an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine has been a beautiful learning experience, and between the learning process, writing and my family (including the gorgeous network of friends I possess). I have felt indeed blessed especially after a few virtual slaps along the way which were certainly needed for I am extremely close to having a dream come true. The only thing which maybe prevents the full fruition is myself, to take the initiative and just “DO ETTTTTTT!” so many of us procrastinate for whatever reason, be it fear of rejection, frailty, lack of resources or support, self-esteem, motivation. The ‘fuels of failure’... so I have come to entitle them.

A true friend, will always inform you of your sillies, but also praise you for your glories; they speak to you openly, and should always be able to do so regardless of whether it may upset you. They will tell you where you are going wrong in life, whether you believe you are or not; they offer an insight that at times we fail to see because we are crashing blindly into a travesty or a brick wall. I am one of the luckily ones who have a wonderful network of friends who can and will kick me up the rear on such occasions... all good I say, bring it on! Happily so, I have an amazing group of assorted folks who are there for me, during the up’s, down’s and chaotic in-betweens which manifest randomly; and likewise. It has taken many years to find these beautiful people, sorting through the proverbial trash of gossipmongers, fakes, malignant people who lie to manipulate others into believing their lies, and basically scum of the earth trying to guise themselves as diamonds. It happens, such is life! But I thank Hekate for removing them from my life, now I would like for them to leave peacefully back to the snake-pit from where hence they slithered.

What truly matters, is who I know I can count on for these beautifully kicks in the rear, but also advice given with genuine sincerity, compassion, love, honour and experience or simply an ear to listen. To my friends, and you know who you are...  I owe you all thankfulness, and the words “Thank You” will never be quite enough for all that you have given, shared and expressed. Each of you have a piece of my heart, and even though I personally find these words are not enough, but I love you all so much, that it even transcends above the dialogue and usual understandings. You all instinctively know when there is something amiss, you all offer words that I need to hear, and hope you always know your advice is welcome and never falls on deaf ears rendering that I plummet headfirst into an abyss of pandemonium. I shall always come to you should I require/or in need of a swift spanking. A total meltdown is no option. So heaps up for the past and in advance (with love and gratitude) thanks for the virtual spankings and occasion kick up the jacksy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Shadow Self: To Know Thyself Is To Be Complete

The Shadow Self is something often discussed in ‘Contemporary Witchcraft’, and regarded as a taboo. It can be depicted as a 'prison' formed within our unconscious mind where we exile parts of ourselves that we subdue, deny, or neglect to develop.  These are frequently feelings of anxiety, fear, lust, insecurity, hate, envy, jealousy, desire, and greed... anything that we pretend not to possess; relegated to this deep pit (abyss) inside our minds. While these are usually determined as... negative attributes we feel should not have, they can also be positive things as well. Such as our power to be strong, sexual, sensual, independent, and assertive, qualities society teaches are sinful or immortal to possess. Everyone has a Shadow, and since we are all individuals each is uniquely our own. It is a part of ourselves we should not neglect or ignore: one cannot know themself truthfully if they do not accept all sides to their innate natures, and one cannot state they know themself if a part of themself is feared, neglected or imprisoned. Know thyself, doesnt mean acknowledge only half of ourself and shun the rest- to know thyself, is to know thyself as complete, light, shadow & darkness within.

The Pronunciation of Hekate's Name

The Shrine of Hekate Triformis
The Pronunciation of Hekate's Name

In Egyptian, Heka means "magical speech" while Hekate in Greek means "influence from afar". The latter attribution was given due to her ability to use magick upon a person from a great distance, above the earth and below the earth. Hence the references "Far Darter" and "The Distant One" were given as references to Hekate. Hekate is also spelled Hecate in Latin, and you will often see it this way in print. In Greek her name would appear as: 'Εκατη'.

There are numerous modern pronunciations of Hekate's name, all of which are identifiable (explicitly, most people will understand who you are talking about.) But returning back to the ancient Greek articulations (all which DO have variations of vocal dialect who argue over the names correct elocution and the spelling of the words themselves changes according to their placement/purpose in a sentence of that dialect)....

Greek vowels have a "characteristic” of being brief or withdrawn (long), which refers to (in Classical pronunciation) how long the vowel is held for, similar to that of a sung key or harmonic libretto mantra. Epsilon is always short; alpha can be either short or long. However much is considered musical, out of devotion and love, not just merely spoken.

In Greek words, the accent falls on one of the last three syllables; in the Greek spelling of Hekate, the accent mark falls on the central alpha ‘Ka’.So, Hekate is pronounced Heah-KAH-tae or Heh-KAH-tay not He-cah-tay (languid) . However in some 'older' spheres and circles of Hekate worship it is considered disrespectful to utter her name outside of ritual/dedication/prayer or ceremony.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I live in beauty and respect for all that is and around me. I touch the Earth with loving caress, I kiss the Stars & Moon with my own divine lips & I live the life of the Goddess, in her reverence and in her glory for she is within my essence. I respect myself for the Creatrix I am, the children I have are the children that I love. My world is beautiful because it is beauty that I have woven into 'my' creation.