"The whiskey you bought me, I was afraid to unscrew it, the Gypsy woman told me it was embalming fluid. You got a Black Cat Bone and a Buzzard Feather, a John the Conquer Root and they're all tied together" --CONJURED by Wynnonie Harris.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Glimpse Into Me

I am a woman of MANY Colours and all combined with elegance to form the universal & spiritual worker of which I am. I am not white, nor black- not light and not dark, I work with the elements which surround all of us. I am not here to listen to drama, nor back-biting but I WILL say my peice and I will challenge IF challenged. My opinions are always spoken with knowledge and with reverence for the very path I walk on. I earn my respects in this world by the work that I do, not because I believe I deserve them. Life owes me nothing, but I strive to live the best life that I can with those most closest to me. This is our precious lot in life, it is our choice to accept our lot with a smile or take it for granted. I chose to be happy, I chose to smile and I refuse to allow another to cloud my day with their troubles. As the saying goes "Beware the person who tells you all of their woes and little of their joys"

Some ask me what my religion or beliefs are, although I personally chose not to directly label myself, some have chosen to term me: Witch, Realm Walker, Strega, Healer, Spiritualist, Primal Witch & Hedge Rider. Among many others- this does not make me indecisive, nor places a purposeful label to elude in order to fool... it makes me Universal; and there is a GREAT difference betwixt being Universal and being indecisive. I do however claim the ways of the Italian Witch, with 20+ years experience in Stregheria & Witchcraft of different cultures and folklore. This is no surprise to those who know me in person, and my knowledge is demonstrated in my writings not by merely boasting. This is also my passion, and what is good for me and I feel is in my blood does not mean to know me, you must be the same.... all I ask is for likemind souls to converse and share experiences with, should we chose to share knowledge during our journey of friendship, that is an aditional blessing.

Keep in mind these are my views and have been for quite some time, it does not mean I think your ways are wrong and that mine are right; they are simply my beliefs, the lifestyle which suits me and has done so for many years. If my beliefs challenge yours to the verge you feel the need to negatively react- then perhaps I challenge the conviction and solidarity of your own faith, belief and lifestyle. If you feel my views challenge you too much, then there is no need or requirement of our connection. I would rather you remove me, than post drivel or stupid insults all through my message box. If you cannot accept my views with the respect I will show to yours, then there is no need to be, and an adieu is preferred. I speak my mind, and my words are sharper than a sword should the cause or need arise.

I hold my customs and traditions true out of respect for myself and those who have walked before me- those who have been and are now gone, my mentors or those I look up to with honour. I revere my ancestors. I walk my path always in respect for the ways I embrace and the forces which I work with.