"The whiskey you bought me, I was afraid to unscrew it, the Gypsy woman told me it was embalming fluid. You got a Black Cat Bone and a Buzzard Feather, a John the Conquer Root and they're all tied together" --CONJURED by Wynnonie Harris.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Moon Charge of the Goddess

The Charge of the Goddess
Words beyond time & space

And let it be spoken, that in the night-tide hours when the resonance of the Full Moon gleams down to reveal the beauty the curves of my form, the visage of my picturesque face in the grace of this most ancient mystery- know that, you shall gather in the secrecy of my sacredness, in all your aspects, both feminine and masculine; all my children who live the ways and oath of this most Ancient and Sacred Path. You who respect the path of the Heavens, of the Moon and Stars, of the Sea, of the Earth and Nature- and all the realms and worlds that traverse throughout and within that of your physical world, may all manifest this hour, of this evening in the hours of darkness and shadow, guided by this, most luminous and arcane of mysteries.

To this gift of my vision, for all to cast their eyes upon me and marvel at the ancients who have been before, those whom have tapered into the wisdom of time, this too shall be yours, the deepest of secrets and all things unknown that shall be found through the essence of my veins, the reverence of my ways and the guidance I shall offer during these most consecrated and blessed times. Live a life free of slavery, oppression and conformity- for there is no man-made mechanics that can bind my children to the ways of the sheeple, other than by what is their will, for at times the guided path is easier than the one who calls for individuality and self-thought. As a sign of freedom, may you enjoy all the fruits of life, feast, partake of wine, know laughter and know love, make music, bask in the divinity of this enlightenment- feel and express passion, enjoy the senses of all that is around you- only then shall you know the liberation of the body, heart, mind and spirit. This is the ecstatic rites of my calling, for mine is the law of love, joy and the rapture in all things that are of Nature; all beings.

Know thyself and remain true to your highest ideals, philosophy and principles- strive towards them and allow nothing to sway you from your path and your respect of self and lifestyle. Permit nothing to prevent your idealisms from becoming that of manifested accolade, a tribute to yourself for the honour you grant to yourself. Never lower your standards, for anything less is dishonour to yourself. Know that all is within your life because you choose it to be there, that you are in perfect control of all that rests in the palm of your hand and if it does not serve you or your highest ambitions and dreams, then cast it aside with no guilt- for sacrifice is the highest tribute to the self. Mine is the door which reveals the beauty inside and that of the exterior. Mine is the chalice of essence and existence, where the waters of my wine may offer or inspire purification, blessings, protection, enlightenment, creation, elation and comfort in times of sorrow. Mine is the cauldron, the womb of darkness which bears forth all that is life and welcomes our return in the time of our physical passing- the vessel of mortality and immortality; transmutation and transformation. I am a Creatrix of Life & Bringer of Death. The Goddess of graciousness, of cruelty, beauty, love, war, peace and revenge- for these are all the faces of Nature and therefore are the many sides of the passions and temperament that comes with the changes of weather and season from tempest to blizzard, summer to winter.
On this corporeal world, my gift is that of the eternal spirit beyond that of material death, the glory of creation and the celebration of life. I bring forth that of peace and freedom, war in times of conflict, beauty in times of ugliness, and ugliness to know that which is evil and spiteful towards life and prosperity. I demand no sacrifice of flesh or value of substance for I am transcended above all materialistic values; your gift to me is the respect you bestow upon all living things, the self, and each other, all things above and beneath me. It is through your reverence of this that I pour forth my love upon the Earth, the flourish of me can be seen in the colour of each blooming flower, the green rolling fields, the clear blue skies and tranquil crystalline sea, the iridescent Moon & the sparkling stars stirring within the indolence of night, the whispers through the sighing of leaves, the howl of the wolf or the somnolent lullaby of owl. I exist in all these things and in the interior of man’s heart, mine is the exuberance of delight and the echo of lament.

Call upon me, arise and summon me- for I am the soul and the breath of Nature, SHE who gives life to the Universe, who unravels tenebrous arms to cradle the world when it suffers, to rejoice when it thrives. From me all things proceed and unto me all things return, an eternal evolution of the spirit, like air to lungs, to exhale and inhale. Let it be so, that before me and all the beloved Gods of man allow your innermost divine self unfold, blossom like the unfolding velvet petals of the rose... for no scent can be as sweet as the flowering soul when in rapture of the infinite and the awakened. Express your reverence within the rejoicing and loving heart- evoke and stir all power, empathy, honour, pride, jollity, confidence, sexuality, sensuality and strength within yourself, through me. Behold that all acts of love, pleasure and justice are my rituals. Behold that all acts of war, displeasure and injustice against my children, are considered attacks upon myself. Pensiveness is a sign of weakness but tyranny a sign of fear- judge your justices fairly and wisely. Know that the actions of some are within their character and some purely their design for greed; these are the fodder of the times, the catalyst always remaining in the cocoon never to evolve nor fly. Some are to be butterflies and some shall always remain the maggot.

For those who seek me, who do not know the mysteries of my teachings or the ascension of my words, those who do not seek to know themself nor abide by the Laws of Nature- shall never find me. Those who seek me, who seek to learn the mysteries of the Ancients and the mysteries of the self, who elevate them to the ascension of themself and own spirit, seek the beauty but know of the ugly and accept the ways of nature within themself, shall always find me: for it is there that I dwell, within the exterior of heart and spirit, within your very heartbeat and breath. To know me is to know yourself, to accept me is to accept yourself and to love me, is to love yourself- I exist in all things which breathe the quintessence of the primal. The primordial energies long before any law or writings of man, before the first grain of sand and the first conception of life. For behold, I have been since the dawn of time and I shall be at the sunset of our ending- I am all that which is attained at the end of desire and I am all that which is obtained at the beginning of mankind’s revelation.