"The whiskey you bought me, I was afraid to unscrew it, the Gypsy woman told me it was embalming fluid. You got a Black Cat Bone and a Buzzard Feather, a John the Conquer Root and they're all tied together" --CONJURED by Wynnonie Harris.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Memento Mori Jewellery by Lucretia Borgia

Mori: Timeless Treasures
for loved ones, remembering our mortality & those dying

By: Lucretia Borgia
With the rapturous gifts from the realms of Death & Spirit, inspired by the Memento Mori Tradition written and included on this blog to read at your leisure and for your pleasure; a Tradition which breeches beyond the bereavement of Death and brings to you, a beautiful acceptance of crossing the boundaries of flesh and bone into one of Spirit. Death does wait for no one, but it does not have to be a journey of fear, dread or nightmarish visions of what may or may not lie beyond. In actual fact and philosophy if one wishes to truly break down the phobia of death, the fear of the unknown has formed our own demons which lurk in our minds, hearts and souls. As a memory, a thought-form, our spirits never die and the energies can relatively be easy to access- via the ‘Akashic’ or ‘collective’ unconscious (if you like).

Perhaps you do not believe in life after death, and instead look upon it merely as a belief that through our own ‘magickal’ energies we create a thought-form from the memory of our loved ones, or those who have passed- a type of imprint or a figment of the imagination because the mind is a powerful tool and the way it functions through fear, desire, hatred, or love can leave residues in the atmosphere around them, therefore creating ‘a manifested energy’ or ‘spirit’. Your belief may be that what continues is not the person’s soul, but their memory, their energies or the energies of their emotions- residual energy. This beliefs reach out further with the idealism that through the fear of death, and that our hearts cannot handle the loss of a loved one past or fear of Death itself that we, in our minds and through the force of pure will power create these apparitions not only out of fear of loss or what lies beyond but also through desire or will by Occultic or Esoteric natures? Food for thought is it not?

By: Lucretia Borgia
In all honesty and complexity and I am sure many will debate my ideologies for the mere sake of debate or that I challenge their beliefs- be it so. Some traditional ancient paths believe that certain organisms have a ‘spirit’, even those of rocks, soil, water, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the trees, the Land, weeds, animals and flowers too have a spirit. A form of ‘Animism’ (if you wish to place a name or label on it like a good little Girl Guide or Boy Scout)- so a spirit can only reside in the earth realm manifestation until it returns to the energy of the earth or even particular organisms which may be thought of as the ‘Spirit Realm’. The left over energy of what we feel is what some like to call or think of as a Ghost or Spirit, sometimes these energies refuse to move, are hostile or show other patterns of behaviour which grant to them a form of ‘intelligence’ which may be tapped into and used to divulge uncanny messages to loved ones from the other side.

Let us elaborate, dive deep into the vaults of possibility- for example, a person passes away in a house. Their ‘spirit’ will not haunt the house, it will instead return to its ancestral land of birth, to the earth, to the land beneath the house, to the forest, local fauna. However the energy may remain there, to put it in simplistic terms that if the person was malicious during life, no doubt it would leave that same energy there which may leave a ‘feeling’ of malevolence. If the person within the house died of a traumatic experience such as murder, of course the energies remaining will be ‘heavy’, ‘stifling’ and ‘overbearing’ and in some cases outright ‘violent’.

Jung is the perfect example of the ‘collective unconsciouses and his theories are based around this belief.

By: Lucretia Borgia
If believing that Life exists beyond Death, who is anyone to state otherwise, of course they may offer their theory but in truth the only ones who truly know if Life exists beyond the grave, are the beloved Dead. Many ancient who have communed with the Dead through means of Nigromatia/Necromancy, Trance of NDE (Near Death Experiences) where they recall seeing the faces of loved ones beckoning to them within this brilliant shimmer of warmth and light. Perhaps the lack of oxygen or adrenalin are theories for this phenomena, causing hallucinations to make the bodies transition into the state of Death less stressful on the body? Medicine and Science have always reached to extinguish the hope of a little magick and miracle within this modern-styled world of conformed thought and scepticism. Anal as these ideas may be to those mourning the departure of loved ones, and seek a more romanticism idealism in order to assist their own grieving process, the Memento Mori Tradition is a way to cross over the barriers of sorrow and find a place of faith, self-assurance and acceptance in a healthy and holistic approach to the suitability of your own comfort.

Releasing balloons into the air, offering white roses to the sea or holding a personal ritual dedicated to your loved one in the comfort of your own privacy instead of attending sad funerals, looking upon a coffin whilst draped in black- does not make you morbid, in fact it grants you the power to remember your loved one as they were: beautiful, vibrant, alive and healthy- laughing, smiling; enjoying their life.

 Of course tears will flow; salt cleanses and heals all wounds. Remember your loved ones as they were, but also honour them in Death.
By: Lucretia Borgia
The perfect symbology of Death and bereavement is the colour black but it may also be white, red symbolizes the life-force of the blood within our veins; the essence of our force. Roses being the ultimate flower of expression, emotion and which offers healing; white roses signify the Light, a love stronger than Death. Black roses are symbolic of Death but also rejuvenation which foreshadows Death within a positive aspect and not the negative which many sources like to inform. Skulls symbolize Death but also Rebirth, while reminding us of our mortality. Skulls represent the honouring of humanity and the embodiment of consciousness and ‘Life’.

Silver signifying ‘sleep’, ‘winter’ and the thin veils which separate our lives from that of Death, like moonlight through the darkness. It also embodies calmness, reverence, mourning, peace, purity and rebirth. Amber offers clarity of the heart and soul whilst surrounding the wearer in loving energies, the warm honeyed glow of the sun. Onyx and Black Jet aid in Transitions and Death, assisting with the process of those dying and helping others to let them go peacefully without the stress of watching their loved ones grieve which put more added emotion into what should be a serene passing, from one essence to that of another. Dying loved ones do not wish to see lament while they pass, it brings bruises on their own energies which are left behind because like us in life, they want to console us in their death. It is quite unfair of us to hang onto them, leaving them caught betwixt two worlds or states of consciousness. Mother of Pearl being a charm of ‘Light’, bringing the gentle healing of the sea (tears/salt water), It also calms and soothes feelings of fear, sorrow by shining its light on positive reminiscence, like the moonlight casting its soothing light over the shadows of darkness.

By: Lucretia Borgia
What makes the exquisite range of Memento Mori jewellery perfect for those suffering the loss of loved ones, or even an offering of peace to the sick and dying- bringing harmony, tranquillity and peace to the hearts of the suffering using the potent symbols mentioned above. All infusing within this delicate range of beauty something which has never been offered before with the hopes of bringing all these accepting energies to find an understanding and not a fear of Death, our body’s final journey and the soul’s liberation from our aging bodies to continue with another state of being, fresh and new. Created by the skilled and masterful Lucretia Borgia, great care has been taken in providing nothing but the best quality of product, stunning to the eyes and healing to the heart.

Each piece uniquely capturing the very substance and essence of Life as well as the essence of Death while providing the wearer with its power of hope and faith, an easy transition from this life and into whatever waits beyond or to the mourner a sense of amity and reconciliation with Life and Death. Death is not our enemy, fear is and sorrow its paramount to forget happiness therefore not living life to its full potential. These timeless pieces remind us that life is meant to be lived, to be enjoyed by all the fruits which are offered to us upon our platters, to remember time, as fleeting but never stagnant. Our eyes open to the beauty of all that is around us, even the experiences that seem more negative than positive; they are lessons in life and life is short. Perfect also for 'Day of the Dead', 'Samhain', 'ShadowFest' or Celebrations which revere Death.

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