"The whiskey you bought me, I was afraid to unscrew it, the Gypsy woman told me it was embalming fluid. You got a Black Cat Bone and a Buzzard Feather, a John the Conquer Root and they're all tied together" --CONJURED by Wynnonie Harris.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Confessions, Virtual Spanks & Tangible Insights

Confessions, Virtual Spanks & Tangible Insights

From the depths of lunacy to a cinema near you...

Firstly, I do apologize for my lack of being a blogger-addict; I just haven’t had the time between projects, study and life in general. There simply isn’t enough minutes in the day, that or I seriously need life management. These past few months had just been strange, from one extreme to another, study has been crazy not to mention the writing projects I already have and more placed on the silver platter for me to consider. Time seems to be flying, sometimes upwards, sometimes sidewards in rather chaotic sporadic patterns but rarely ever downwards. Studying an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine has been a beautiful learning experience, and between the learning process, writing and my family (including the gorgeous network of friends I possess). I have felt indeed blessed especially after a few virtual slaps along the way which were certainly needed for I am extremely close to having a dream come true. The only thing which maybe prevents the full fruition is myself, to take the initiative and just “DO ETTTTTTT!” so many of us procrastinate for whatever reason, be it fear of rejection, frailty, lack of resources or support, self-esteem, motivation. The ‘fuels of failure’... so I have come to entitle them.

A true friend, will always inform you of your sillies, but also praise you for your glories; they speak to you openly, and should always be able to do so regardless of whether it may upset you. They will tell you where you are going wrong in life, whether you believe you are or not; they offer an insight that at times we fail to see because we are crashing blindly into a travesty or a brick wall. I am one of the luckily ones who have a wonderful network of friends who can and will kick me up the rear on such occasions... all good I say, bring it on! Happily so, I have an amazing group of assorted folks who are there for me, during the up’s, down’s and chaotic in-betweens which manifest randomly; and likewise. It has taken many years to find these beautiful people, sorting through the proverbial trash of gossipmongers, fakes, malignant people who lie to manipulate others into believing their lies, and basically scum of the earth trying to guise themselves as diamonds. It happens, such is life! But I thank Hekate for removing them from my life, now I would like for them to leave peacefully back to the snake-pit from where hence they slithered.

What truly matters, is who I know I can count on for these beautifully kicks in the rear, but also advice given with genuine sincerity, compassion, love, honour and experience or simply an ear to listen. To my friends, and you know who you are...  I owe you all thankfulness, and the words “Thank You” will never be quite enough for all that you have given, shared and expressed. Each of you have a piece of my heart, and even though I personally find these words are not enough, but I love you all so much, that it even transcends above the dialogue and usual understandings. You all instinctively know when there is something amiss, you all offer words that I need to hear, and hope you always know your advice is welcome and never falls on deaf ears rendering that I plummet headfirst into an abyss of pandemonium. I shall always come to you should I require/or in need of a swift spanking. A total meltdown is no option. So heaps up for the past and in advance (with love and gratitude) thanks for the virtual spankings and occasion kick up the jacksy!

As mentioned above, my dream, well... it is going to happen, not only will I bring into manifestation by my own focus and ambition, every fibre of my being wants this to blossom into reality. And, with my awesome band of ‘butt-kickers’ I know, whether it is from hugs or the placement of shiny boots to my rear... that I will always have support, and I hope in return they also know I am here for them whenever they need it. Many lack the actual dedication it takes to have friends. To have friends, you have to be a friend; that requires much restraint and composure. To never bitch about them behind their backs, or reveal things told in confidence or point the finger to save your own skin, to not place them in harm’s way while turning your back like a Judas, to not lie and place yourself into a false light while casting another to darkness. And many other despicable behaviours that have been revealed to me in the past, and even quite recently, but dragging me into drama’s that really had nothing to do with me, save for a lie from someone I ‘regarded’ as a friend who dragged me into it, and the counterparts trying to keep me influenced to it. Immature people will always seek to harm you and attempt to play the shrew while appearing as nothing but scared women brewing a nasty cauldron. I now remove such from my life, and keep them there in a box of forgotten memory- they do not exist to me.

On a funnier note, I was walking through town the other day, minding my own and enjoying the golden liquid of sun adorning my flesh, when someone stopped me, noticing the charm I have around my throat and asked, “Do you find it difficult being a Witch?” In turn noticing the ‘cross’ around their neck I asked, with all due respect “Do you discover it difficult being a Christian knowing all the atrocities done to many civilizations, cultures and nations in the name of God by supposed righteous and holy men?”, oddly enough they gave me a wide birth and left me alone after that. During the course of the evening, those words echoes around in my mind, like a curious firefly around the blooming moonflower- it made me consider how I see my life, my views and how my beliefs firmly tie it all together. Do we need to question our beliefs because another does? No, but it can make us realise how falsely betrayed other beliefs are, but others. Should we feel guilty for wearing any amulet or symbol that we feel represents us, as a person, our faith or a deep respect for the ancients? Even though the charm I wore had absolutely nothing to do with Witchcraft. What we wear is no different from Christians wearing a cross, or anyone wearing a religious amulet that speaks to them through belief and faith... though typically we do not hide behind it and use it to hurt others beliefs by encroaching ours upon them, sometimes forcefully through bantering and even violence. It literally horrifies me to see the violence done to those accused in the name of opposing religions... even in today’s society. This was only adhered to further when I watched a YouTube movie posted by a friend, of five people being burned alive in Africa for Witchcraft. Another fairly recently of an elderly women being stoned to death in Hungary- it is by these fears still installed by religious propaganda atop of deep-seated superstition and mass hysteria that innocent people suffer the flames of its ‘purifications’ by what I call ‘The Modern Burning Times’ by blight of ignorance. Stupidity is a social disease.

And now I gone off the beaten track but I shall stroll back to topic with a coffee in hand. I do not ‘actively’ try to be a anything other than what I am, not that I label myself as such, but if I had to, it would be one I’d proudly attribute to being hoodoo. What I am, is a vital part of ME,  it wasn’t a random decision or a later on in life choice. it flows through me as Spirit does.  I possess my own individual opulent European style. I do not broadcast what I am to people on the street, not because I am sceptical of a response, or fearful of what the response may be, but, I do not identify myself with those who possess no belief, faith or concept of religion or folkloric lifestyle, why? Because it is none of their bloody business, half the time the response is met with a reaction of having the plague, or a rude snicker or comment about race, gypsies or some other far off term for those misunderstood. So why try to entertain the masses of sheeple? They either know or they don’t... I have little interest in juxtaposing myself with badly informed people.

So yes, sometimes being a spiritual person is difficult; not the definite physical or spiritual aspect of ‘being dubbed a Witch’ to whatever some disagree with or fail to understand... but the lack of respect many receive and other people’s blatant misguided perceptions of the term and the prejudice found due to this. Hoodoo may always be hoodoo, Witches may always be Witches... but Muggles will ALWAYS be Muggles, and that, we should never carry on our personal shoulders. We could argue till we are blue in the face, their ideals of it will never change, e may live in the Modern Age, but many mindsets still linger in the superstitions of the Dark Ages. The more we jump up and down about it, the more emphasis is being placed on the negative aspects and not the positive; I don’t want my religion being accepted by the mainstream that would make me like everyone else wanting acceptance for whatever reason. It would be nice for it to be totally decimalized, but why some do stupid things like claiming they are immortals or Witches in court therefore are resolved of the ‘normal’ mortal laws (which was a case down south somewhere). You can understand why it will not be legalized but instead branded a sickness of delusional mad people, with their faeries, lame airy-fairy chants, and waving wands around. I do not wish to be in the ‘box’ with everyone else, labelled and categorized. Ours is the mysteries to treat as sacred not throw out upon a table to be raped and questioned by those who should never be subjected to it.

Personally, to me the above shames the Priestesses of Old who were raped and butchered in their temples by fearful laws, authorities, soldiers and people. It makes a mockery of their memory to try and mainstream or sell-out the mysteries to make a buck or receive praise and pat oneself on the back for throwing a book together of fanciful words with no real substance, nothing pertaining to real Witchcraft, just a fluffy-bunny view of unawareness and avarice. If my words upset you, Boo-effing-hoo!! If I have pissed on your hush puppies or in your brewsky, too bad; my words are mine, I shall not change them to suit anyone’s feelings of culpability, upset or lack of responsibility, nor do I possess any shame or remorse for stating it. My truth is that of my own, this can comfortably be stated without complex or chide. I slumber serenely at night within my bed for my scruples are indeed respectfully sacred. Now, if you feel distress, disturbed, disappointed at not being accepted, stop trying to be accepted, you cannot expect to find peace without if you have no peace within, the same can be said for balance and harmony. You cannot walk in balance when you’re not at peace with who you are.

Accept their disgruntlement with grace and a smile, and then move on- when you argue, you only lessen your intelligence and lower yourself to their level but paint the portrait of what they want to see, a negative response. You will not change their mind just like they will not change yours. If you have to stop and question your own belief in yourself, then the path you are on is not the correct or true one for you. Root-workers/Conjure people/ Witches/Edge-Walkers/Primal/Spiral/Universal are what they are; there is no question about it, it is not something you can dip into and out of simply like placing your toe into cold icy water, and thinking you’ll wait until the hot water warms it up- you either are or you are not. It cannot get simpler than that. If you don’t have to think about it, or try to define it, if you live and breathe it, honestly, you are. If you have to struggle to find your place in the world, you have to question what you are the whole time, or change what you are from moment to moment to suit those you associate with or because it sounds awe-inspiring, you are not, that just makes you a lap dog trying to do tricks outside your means and talents. Then again, this applies to all lifestyles and all beliefs not just that pertaining to mine. I don’t have to wear any type of clothes or ‘act’ spiritual to get done what I wish to get done. I don’t need to cast circles to do my work, or place boundaries around myself. If I need to work, if something needs to be done, I do it... but there is a spark of spirit in everything I do. From waking up, breathing, cooking and simply just being in existence; during my many years of practice I have found that things work for me relatively quickly and naturally. I touch the earth, and revere in our moist mother earth in all her qualities of life and death. I honour the Moon, the Sun, the Ocean, the Forest and the Sky and the Great Father above, the Saints, the Orisha (always respectfully) and nature in all her essence.

I do not hold a magickal name, I am  Odette, Amber’Rose is merely a writing alias that I use but holds no magickal purpose or relation. Who I am IS who I am, no false glitter or glamour, what you see is what you get. I have a good sense of humour, I love to laugh but I am also serious when it comes to what I stand for, how I see things through my own eyes and not rose-coloured lenses. My blog contains many aspects of life and the Primal, from the lighter to the darker, embraced and in perfect equilibrium. My views, opinions and wisdom are very open and retro because I think that is very important when sharing and placing ones thoughts out there and knowledge. I have provided a wide range of information, recipes, ideas, quotes and affirmations so that something appeals to everyone through direct experience and not just prattling off something I think people are going to procure. My interests vary from Tsalagi medicine, hoodoo, and cultural methods from all over the world to folkloric beliefs and practises. This is the fire of my passion, the very quintessence of my blood and soul, anyone who truly knows me; knows this is accurate.

But, for today I have tirade and ranted enough. The embers of my fires are all but distinguished and the kettle of cinnamon tea idly whistles. Remember, sometimes you do have to smell the roses, and wipe the dog shit from your shoe and the egg off your face- seize the day. If life hands you lemons, squirt it in the eye. Craft your life to how you wish it to be, not permit outside forces that come in on the cold wintry breeze, spread chaos then ebb on the caress of the suns fading. All nightmares end with the golden rays of morning, blessings can come in the smallest globule of crystal-reflected dew and faeries can dance on the head of a pin. Broaden your horizons, bid leavings a fond fair well and always know that no matter how near or how far the stars shall forever shine. Sometimes you just have to imagine you are one of those stars in order to truly shine in a world surrounded by darkness. Know yourself, be true to yourself, love and respect yourself and everything else will fall perfectly into place. There is no hurry for the road is clear ahead, and you still have many more miles in which to travel, pace it don’t go full-steam ahead only to fall short of the finishing line. Patience is the reward of all endurances.


From the depths of lunacy to a cinema near you, I shall leave you with these words and hope they carry well amongst your journeys.

Love, Hearts & Gummy Worm Parts
Wishing you all blessings; from the Raven to the Writing Desk.