"The whiskey you bought me, I was afraid to unscrew it, the Gypsy woman told me it was embalming fluid. You got a Black Cat Bone and a Buzzard Feather, a John the Conquer Root and they're all tied together" --CONJURED by Wynnonie Harris.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hekate: Prayer & Invocation

Prayer/ Invocation/ Dedication
to the goddess of the crossroads: hekate (e-Kah-te!)

Silver-footed Queen of the midnight crossroads,
three-faced Goddess of the torches,
Listen to my summoning from across the veils,
 through time itself and beyond the gates of Death.

Guardian of the Great Deep, Ancient Mother of Earth and Sea
 attend now to this sacred rite.
By veneration of your mighty and dreaded names-
Nocticula, Trinsofia, KlĂȘidouchos, Trikephalus.

I burn for you these arcane spices,
cinnamon, saffron and myrrh with revered dedication.

O Mistress of the starry heavens, Titan-born,
Ophidian Lady of the Hounds, Spectral and Nocturnal One-
Who sings to the plethoric darkness ,
weaving the tenebrous Shadows;
Universal Creatrix, Bearer of Light.

You whose primordial beauty illuminates the dark pit
of the soul and brings forth death and rebirth;
Whose power of will can extinguish the stars of Heaven
or illumine the subterranean nadirs of Hades.

You who dance skyclad through the night like a black pearl
amid the graves, torches revealing all pathways-
Kindle now the flames of your ancient sorcery
within this soul of your faithful and most loyal child.

Torch-bearing Queen, allow your radiance to shine forth,
purify my light, my dark and my shadow;
Bless the absolute essence of my evolution,
wisdom, transcendence of spirit within your mysteries.

Banish all lies and illusions that obscure my mind’s sight,
unveil the obsidian shroud of blindness and ignorance,
Cast out any stagnating energies,
make me one with your essence
in accordance to your divine will.

Open wide the fuliginous vaults of your forbidden gates!
Open wide the roads to ecstasy!
Lustfully embrace wide the star-vaulted celestial spheres!
So that I, may envision all which you encompass.

Serpentine- clandestine Desire, Ebon-Lover of Darkness,
Achromatic-Midwife of the Moon-
Patroness of the Primeval Wise Ones!
Embracer of all Bereavement! Harbinger of Rebirth!

Bring forth the fruitions of your sanctification
by the grace and protections of Earth,
Heaven and Sea;
Fill my lungs with your breath,
my heart with your storm-kissed fury,
and my eyes with oracle of your vision.

In dedication, adulation and devotion
 I offer my service to you
within this supplication and invocation-
Ave Abnukta Hekate! Ave Nocticula Hekate!
Ave Trinsofia Hekate! Ave Trivia Hekate!
Ave Enodia Hekate!

By the omnipotence of this summoning,
I honourably provoke
and stir you to divine manifestation;
Imbue my dedication with the cacophony
of your hound’s-
serenade me from the ravenous Abyss.

Mother of Euboian Maira,
Sovereign of the Dog-Star!

It is for your glory that I offer homage to you,
Bequeathed in the argent chasm of silvered chalice,
within rubicund inebriant salutation-
I rejoice in the celebration of your presence!

I bask in the baptismal elixir of your benediction!
Reborn in your perpetual essence,
in the true personification
of Darkness and Light,